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How it works

Hottler brings the latest, cutting-edge technology to your guests' hands and to your hotel operation. Among others, Hottler provides Cloud Solution, Real-Time Analytics, 3rd Party Integration with PMS and POS. Simple like 1-2-3-4.

1. leaves a request

Advertising possibilities of app allow you to increase sales of hotel services and attract commercial partners for additional revenue.

2. recieve request

We have special easy admin App for you and online tools for additional control.

3. react on request

You can change status of request, control how much time your staff spent on reaction . Problem reports goes directly to Hotel Manager.

4. remain satisfied

Lightning-fast reaction and high- level service pleasing to the hotel guests. Guest certainly will book next stay using App.

Application advantages

Hottler is a outstanding mobile platform for the hospitality industry, focusing on covering significant needs of Hotelier around 3 basic axes: increase of hotel service sales, improvement of guest satisfaction and growth of mobile bookings.

Hello, Mobile!

Our development time will amaze you! You can get your customized app within two weeks.


works in 54 world languages including even Ukrain and Thai!


Measure your app progress towards your marketing goals

Automated Responses

Whenever a guest interacts with your hotel’s website or apps they’re immediately emailed a confirmation of receipt.


designed for iOS, Android, Microsoft Mobile and Blackberry platforms (optional).


works in 54 world languages including even Ukrain and Thai!


Most of services work without Internet access.

Cloud back-end

Content and operations management is controlled through cloud- based back-end.

Saving costs

All information and images normally printed in guestroom compendiums are now digitized saving money in printing.

Automation of processes

Cuts costs related to Concierge and Call-Centre staff by reducing the number of guest requests handled in person or by phone.


Hottler will fully comply with your corporate standards or brandbook

Lost cost (SAAS)

This is a SAAS application! So hotel will just rent it. No need to pay thousands for full develoment process.

Launch your hotel mobile app to enable constant interaction with your guests before, during and after their stay. Use your app to give insider tips on the best things to do, places to see, and restaurants to visit.