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Benefits & Features

Over the past few years we’ve been working with hoteliers in order to learn how we can best support them boost RevPAR via innovative uses of mobile technologies.

Hotel Information

Welcome message

About hotel, rooms

Spa & Fitness

Restaurants (with booking)

Special Offers

Check-in/out info

Hotel services

Report Problem

Free compliment


Concierge Services

Wake-up Call

In-room Dining


Room Service

Guest leave order for:

Make-up Room


Technical problems

Minibar Refill

Extra stuff in room

Tourist Information

Route to hotel (if lost)

City Guide

Useful Phone Numbers

Offline Map*

Travel tips

Hotel benefits

Hottler connects travellers and hotel staff through the entire guest journey and offers hotels the opportunity to extend the sales window from the moment the booking is confirmed until check-out and beyond.

Hotel rating booster

Getting negative feedback before guests leave helps hotels to satisfy guest’s needs and improove hotel rating on Booking.com and TripAdvisor.com

1-click services

Guests can order any service at one touch - from taxis and room dinner service to an extra tooth brush and towel.

Great communication

The application allows one to get in touch with staff or even manage the hotel, notify of problems and leave feedback, helping to resolve complex situations or guest grievances efficiently.

Increase in-room sales

Room-service breakfast or dinner orders, or even a bottle of chilled champagne are all available to your guests at a touch.

Virtual shop

Allows you to upsell the products from your souvenir shop, spa services or your special or seasonal promotions..

Increase sales of services

Advertising possibilities of app allow you to increase sales of hotel services and attract commercial partners for additional revenue.

Guest benefits

Hottler is beneficial to all: guests have a new and impressive experience staying at a hotel, and the hotel gets a powerful tool for managing staff and communicating with guests.

Free compliment

Guests will certanly install this app bacause... they can order a free compliment only in App. Give 1 bottle of coke/ special towel/ desert/ discount/ etc. Guests will love you and give feeadback!

Ordering hotel services

Ordering hotel services has never been easier. Through their own mobile device, guests have access to many options to help them make the most of their stay

Local area information

Detailed information on local attractions helps to keep your guests informed about places of note and interest.

Multilingual support

Automatically recognizes and communicates with your guests in their native language.

Ready to upgrade your hotel? You and your guests need it. Sure!